The Schefer Family Plumbing & Heating Business, since 1945

Radiant plumbing and hydronic heating have been the Schefer's passion for over 50 years. But it all really started in 1945 when Brad's great grandfather founded Walter Schefer Plumbing and Heating. Brads grandfather, Mel Schefer, learned the plumbing trade working along side his father in the late 1950s and founded Mel Schefer Plumbing in 1961.

His son Tom later apprenticed alongside his father until he established Tom Schefer Plumbing and Radiant Heating in 1991. Tom's wife, Laurie, managed the home and business offices. Their son, Brad, grew up with plumbing tools in his toy box. Plumbing, it seems, is in the family genes. Brad has worked alongside his father since 1995, and took the reins of the family business in 2018. He currently runs the present Schefer Radiant business with his wife Mollie, serving Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Lake counties.

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Client Testimonials

"It's the little things - and hot water!- that count. When I described the problem we were having with our hot water and low water pressure, Tom knew exactly what I was talking about, diagnosed the problem, and gave us a solution that worked wonders. We thought we would need to replace our sixty+ year old pipes and, since we can't afford to do that anytime soon, we were feeling very discouraged. Now we have hot, running water - I will NOT take this for granted :) Tom also recommended and installed a thermostat that will save us effort and energy in the future. We couldn't be more pleased to work with such great people. Thank you, Tom and Laurie Schefer! I will certainly recommend you to friends and family :)"

Chrissy N – Santa Rosa, Ca.

“I cold-called TSP Plumbing from the list on Yelp! Tom went way above and beyond in solving our problem with our radiant floor heating and also an improperly installed tankless water heater. We're so happy to have found the knowledgeable and professional plumber we can keep on our service providers list and also recommend to friends.

Fay G. – Kenwood, Ca.

"Tom really understands the details with all types of hydronic heating systems as well as general plumbing, Tom has been great to work with." Service Category: Hydronic heatingYear first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

John Rising – General Contractor
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